Monday, 2 September 2013

Summer Holidays & Stash Busting

Where has the time gone? This summer seems to have flown past.

I have been narrowboating with a friend;




on a trip to Kent with my brother;









and on trips to the caravan in North Wales with the GrandKids.


SAM_0884     SAM_0889


The weather has been gorgeous this summer, but far too hot for a large crochet project. So I decided to do a bit of stash busting. Using up some of the small balls of yarn leftover from previous projects. My stash goes back many years, as I can’t throw anything away. I really must try and curb my hoarding instincts.

It all started with Attic 24’s Granny Bunting for Yarndale.  (See previous post). I found lots of oddments and got stuck in. I made 20 triangles and posted them off to Lucy.


Of course, once I had got my basket of oddments out, I had to carry on, so I made a few more small useful items.

Coasters. These were just flat circles made with two strands of double knitting yarn.SAM_0656

A bowl. I used Bunny Mummy’s pattern and adapted it to make the size I wanted. I use it on the boat to put odds and ends in.


A basket to hold all my bedside clutter. My bedside table always looks a mess with bottles, tubes, tubs and brushes etc. strewn all over. So when I came across this pattern on the internet, I gave it a go. Again, adapting it to meet my needs

SAM_0643             SAM_0644

As you can see, my bedside table is much tidier.

A cover for my e-reader. Some time ago I treated myself to a cheap e-reader, so that I could download e-books from our local library service. However, the covers that were available cost nearly as much as the e-reader! So I thought , why not crochet my own? So I checked out Ravelry and found this pattern. With a few changes to make it my own,I now have a handy cover to stop my e-reader getting scratched in my handbag.


So, a bit of a catch up. I will try not to leave it so long next between posts in future! Bye for now.

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