Saturday, 1 June 2013

Updates–1 The Granny Stripe




Well now, I ask myself, what is the use of starting a new blog if I don’t keep it up to date? There is no point at all. So here I am, bringing the blog up to date and vowing to remember to blog regularly in future. So to gather my thoughts and recall what I have made since the February Half Term.

In March I spent a week with my friend Anne on her boat. The weather was atrocious – snow blizzards, ice, bitter winds. So we decided not to take the boat out and we stayed in the Marina with the stove blazing, busy crocheting. Neither of us had bought much crochet with us as we were not expecting to be able to crochet all day; we had originally intended to go for a cruise. We drove to Hobbycraft in Tamworth and bought a stack of Hayfields Bonus yarn in as many colours as we could afford. Anne has mainly crocheted with cotton and a small hook in the past. She has done some beautiful filet crochet. On this trip I introduced her to joys of granny stitch in double knitting wool.

We looked on the internet for inspiration and settled on Granny Stripes as seen in Attic 24’s blog here. Don’t Granny Stripes grow quickly? By the time we went home, we had both done a fair bit. We finally finished the blankets in April and we were very pleased with them.

I picked 12 different colours for my blanket and kept the same order throughout. My colours were:



Royal Blue, Purple, Cream, Navy Blue, Bluebell, Primrose, Cerise, Denim, Lilac, Emerald, Aran and Pink.



It measures about 45 inches by 85 inches. I just kept going until I ran out of yarn.




I can’t remember where I found the pattern for the border.







This blanket kept me nice and warm during the very cold spring that we had this year.

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