Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Granny Bunting

I enjoy reading Attic 24’s blog regularly. Lucy was the inspiration I needed to start crocheting again after many years. This has helped me overcome the depression I felt after my father died.

Last month, Lucy blogged about making granny bunting for Yarndale. In her blog she asked if any of her readers would contribute to the bunting by making some granny  triangles and sending them to her. She even wrote a pattern and added it to her blog site.

Well, as I have a bagful of oddments from many previous projects going back years (I can’t bring myself to throw any yarn away, however small the ball), I thought “what a good idea”. I grabbed a bag of yarn from my attic, tipped it out into a basket and got started.


These triangles are very addictive and they don’t take too long to make, so I have been adding to my pile whenever I have a few minutes to spare.


They still need the ends darning in and blocking to make them neat. I will take more photos when they are finished and ready for sending to Lucy.

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