Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Aren’t vacuum bags great?

My yarn stash keeps growing. I can’t stop buying new colours whenever I see them! I was running out of room when I suddenly came up with a brilliant idea. Why not use vacuum bags to pack the yarn in? I use them all the time for the spare duvets and bedding, winter jumpers etc. So of I went to Asda to purchase some more bags.

5 minutes later my stash had gone from this


to this.


Squashed into a plastic crate and much easier to store. The lid doesn’t quite fit, but it will once I use a ball or two!


Now to pack away the rest of my stash.

As I can’t see all the balls once they are packed away, I have a notebook with all my newer stash recorded in it. The older part used balls will eventually be recorded as I pack it away.

Hooray, now I have more room, I can buy more yarn. Open-mouthed smile

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