Sunday, 3 February 2013

Drop in the Pond

I saw this afghan on Ravelry and fell in love with it. I bought the yarn, but as I was in the middle of two other projects, I made myself wait until I had finished one of them before starting this one.
I am often impatient and start new projects before completing others. I end up with loads of unfinished projects which get tidied away into the loft, never to be seen again! Since taking up crochet again, I have promised myself that I will work on projects one at a time and finish one before going on to the next. (I have actually got two projects on the go at the moment, but one of them needs good light so only gets done when I have a chance to crochet during daylight.)
I started this afghan on 17 November 2012 and finished it on 17 January 2013. When I saw the picture on Ravelry, I thought it looked really difficult, but once I got into it I soon got the hang of it and found it reasonably easy to do. I actually made it bigger than the original pattern by crocheting two extra repeats all round. I used Hayfields Bonus yarn and a 5.00mm hook. It grew very quickly and I thoroughly enjoyed making it. The only downside was the number of ends to be sewn in at the end.
I finished it off with two rows of UK double crochet in cream and then a border using the two shades of blue, inspired by a blog post by Attic24.
A beautiful snuggly afghan that was a joy to make. It is great for wrapping up in on the sofa on these cold evenings.


  1. Love the way you finished it!

  2. Is this on a double bed

    1. Yes. It just covers the top of the bed. I don't use it on the bed, it is for snuggling under on the sofa! It was just the best place to photograph it. If I made one for the bed, I would make it bigger.

  3. Hi, I am currently working on this project and am not sure how to make it son wants it for his king size bed. Please could you tell me how to make it bigger, thank you. I love the way you used the colours and it is so beautiful.

  4. Hi, I started working on this blanket according to a you tube film. The pattern is clear to me, accept for one point. I finished the middle part and started working the chevrons (the 'waves') that are made of 7 rows: colour 1 x2; colour 2 x 2; colour 3 x 2; colour 1 x 1. Done. Now I have to repeat this. BUT do I need to start again at the right side of the blanket? I hope you can answare. Thank alot, Nava